Early Frustrations

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Famous management guru Peter Drucker once said:

What gets measured gets managed.

When it comes to blogs, the most important measurement is of course site traffic. With such an abandunce and easy access to rich data (via Google Analytics or similar platforms) it is a -hard to resist- temptation to constantly check charts and numbers. But how can someone avoid the frustration of zero traffic when a new blog starts? Or even at a later time, when still numbers remain low and below expectation? Most likely, dissapointing figures will drive people involved in this project, to abandon it quickly.

Perhaps, a solution -far from perfect I admit- would be to completely ignore analytics for the first period and focus solely on the content of your site. And if you cannot resist temptation, maybe a temporary deactivation or your analytics platform will secure you don’t get a chance to be disapointed and quit at the very start.

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