Hello world!

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Yet another time for me in front of a “Hello World” post. Through the years I have edited* it many times; more than what I can recall.

*Edited and not written because a “Hello World” sample post is pre-loaded in every WordPress installation.

I can’t even remember when I first started blogging.. I moved to my own domain (this one here) back in 2007 but before that, I have been blogging already for some years with Blogger.

Back then I was a recent graduate of Business Administration and my main focus was Marketing & Sales topics. This blog was mainly a platform to post such articles. Over the years focus has deviated some times a little bit, or subject matter has been enriched with other topics as well.

This time, I will not impose any such limitations on the topics I blog about. On my quest to improve myself -and document hereby the process- any thoughts that can support this pursuit will be hosted here.

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