Conditioned for small outcomes

On many Sundays I go on a long walk (approx. 5km) in my city. Many times I get lucky and find a few coins down on the street. The value of those coins is very low to even have an incentive to spend them; just a few cents (50 cents, 20 cents and those kinds of coins).

This has led me to be conditioned to look down and search for coins many times as I walk. But this tendency prevents me from enjoying the surrounding environment; instead of looking at passing people & urban setting, I look at just a boring tarmac. Without wanting to, I miss the joy of my walk. Also, in the very rare occasion of running into a banknote, I will most likely miss that too, because it will not be sitting firm on the ground but would hover by the air above my sight.

The conclusion of this short anecdote of mine is that if you look for opportunities, don’t limit yourself to small outcomes. Be bold and go big! Do not condition yourself for anything subpar! Remember this:

If you guide your sight low in order to find a coin, finding one is the best thing it can happen to you.

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