Epic Games celebrates Christmas with 15 free games

Epic Games - Mystery Game

Once again, Epic games in order to celebrate Christmas period, is giving away 15 games -one every day. Giveaway period runs at the second half of December. Every game is freely available only for 24 hours. So players need to act fast and check Epic Games Store every day for the new giveaway.

Admittedly, Christmas is a perfect period for gamers. Not only because they indulge into new purchases (whether games, gear, consoles), but because there’s plenty of time during the holidays for lengthy gaming sessions.

On top of the free games, numerous festive deals, up to 75% off, are to be found across the Epic Games store. The offers will last up to 5th of January.

You can check today’s free game & Special Holiday Offers here.

But there’s more…

You can also save 25% with a Holiday Coupon that is automatically applied to your purchases based on value (14.99 or more in USD or EUR) for the period 15th of December until 05th of January. More details about this promotion can be found here.

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