Is blogging still relevant in 2023?

The process of Blogging - A young man sitting on a couch and writing on his laptop. Is this still relevant in 2023?

The question at hand

“Is blogging still relevant in 2023?” This is a question I have asked myself many times lately. I have asked it when I was about to start this blog (September of 2022), during all those months running it, and even now as I wrote those lines.

It seems that text is being substituted by other forms of content, such as Videos and Podcasts. And it’s true that those forms are much more convenient and easy to consume. They require less effort than reading. If people are much more inclined to consume audio and video, why bother to write your thoughts in blog posts?

And since you are reading those lines, it would be fairly easy to assume -provided I am a reasonable being- that I still believe blogging is indeed relevant in 2023. Otherwise, why spending all this time & resources running a blog if it’s meaningless? That would be a paradox.

An attempt to answer this question

The truth is that I cannot answer this question. And this is because I don’t know if it’s still relevant to most of the people. The only answer I can give, is that it’s still relevant for me.

When I write my own thoughts, or read other’s, I gain a lot of benefits that I will try to sum up here.

By trying to convey complex ideas or express them into more comprehensible thoughts, I sharpen my mind and improve my reasoning. I also improve my vocabulary, my syntax & grammar.

Texts also offer more in-depth analysis on any topic than just a short media format. By reading, you also concentrate more which leads to a better understanding of the object you study. This laborious process also increase your mental capacity to focus in general.

Moreover, you are getting involved into an editing process of continuous iterations in an effort to improve the text, make it more comprehensible, more legible and pleasant to the reader. These mental drills also sharpen your mental capabilities and improve your ability to articulate ideas.

Final words

These are some of the benefits I encountered while thinking about this topic. Surely there are others too. I would be glad if you suggest me so in the comments below. Ultimately, for me blogging it’s still relevant, I hope the same is true for you too.

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