The Essential Cardano Guide to the Ecosystem

The Essential Cardano Guide to the Ecosystem

Tim Harrison, the Vice President Community & Ecosystem at Input Output Global (the company behind Cardano Blockchain) has posted on LinkedIn (a couple of hours ago) about a new special Cardano Report.

The report was created by IOG Community & Ecosystem team with the purpose to provide a:

foundation for understanding, a compendium of the theoretical concepts, technological components, and achievements that underpin and define Cardano.

More importantly, it seeks to provide the first extensive review of the Cardano ecosystem, highlighting some of the people and projects building on Cardano and powering its future.

And, above all else, chart how the whole Cardano community is working together to build a future that is more empowering, more secure, and just, well, better.

Guide’s Preface by Tim Harrison

You can download the 53 pages report here by filling in your name, email and what’s your relation with cardano (e.g. Developer, ADA Holder, Stake Pool Operator, etc.).

According to Tim, this is not a comprehensive report, since the ecosystem evolves at a rapid speed and there is no way to include every single project out there. Nevertheless, it’s a great overview of the people and projects building on Cardano and a valuable “snapshot” of the current status of the Ecosystem.

Some of the reports contents (in no particular order) are:

This is definitely the ultimate guide for everyone involved in this ecosystem and perhaps one of the first documents someone should read in order to get acquainted with this Blockchain.

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