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If you have followed this -newly build- blog you would normally assume that I like podcasts since I have recommended some of them in the past (more than once). This time I would like to brought to your attention a fantastic application that makes listening Podcast a unique experience.

What is it?

This application is called Snipd. It provides a really unique feature that no other application has (or at least I don’t know of any other)! This is, the ability to generate a written script out of the audio you are listening, using AI. Having both audio and text available, makes the whole process way more convenient in many ways.

One such way is that it can help you comprehend the contents more easily by both listening and reading simultaneously. This is especially important for complex topics and podcasts of special interest that can use technical terminology or jargon. Also, non native listeners are much more accustomed with text than audio. So, to be able to read certain parts (such as in dialogues where both parties can speak simultaneously, or where speakers have different accent, etc) makes it much easier to understand.

Moreover, you can easily go back at exactly specific moments you are looking for, not just a preset of let’s say 5 or 10 seconds. Also, each podcast episode is automatically divided into chapters based on the generated transcript which can be very useful when you want to listen again specific parts or quickly scan new episodes.

Furthermore, you can create snips of your favourite parts & highlights and save or share them. In this way you can create an anthology of the very best parts, easily accessible for future reference. You can also synchronize your snips with applications like: Readwise, Notion and more. This can be very convenient for aggregating knowledge from various sources into a central “hub”.

Other features include the Highlights; a condensed (few minutes) version of episode’s most important moments, if you are short of time, and the just released “Summary” function. Summaries are a kind of longer format highlights which are divided in chapters.

My Personal Experience

As already mentioned in the beginning, I find this app really unique and honestly it is a fantastic use of AI. I utilize most of its features and I find great value in them.

In the past however, I have found some glitches while using the application (in a Galaxy S21 Ultra). These were happening mainly when I was trying to continue an episode from where I was left. The application was entering a phase of unending loading which in order to resolve, I had to shut down the application. That were causing me some frustrations because I had to restart episodes and manually search were I was at. It hadn’t occurred lately though, so maybe most of those glitches have been resolved by now.

You can download Snipd free on Android or iOS devices.

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