On an unending Quest for progress & improvement in all fronts of human life.

This blog has been started and stopped way too many times since 2007. Back then, blogging was quite different than today.

In this last iteration, my goal is to keep this blog up and running without aspiration for becoming a publishing behemoth. I will keep things plain and simple, posting perhaps small text & thoughts without undertaking to much commitment that will certainly lead to quitting fast and messy.

About the name:

The original scope of this blog was to post content about marketing and business (articles, news, opinions, etc). I didn’t choose to have a business (or marketing) related blog name mainly for those reasons: I didn’t want to pose a barrier to the contents of this blog only for business or marketing topics. Already by the time this blog was created, I had many other interests as well (such as internet, technology, social issues, etc). I remained open to the possibility of this blog evolving into something else or being inclusive of other topics too. This had served me well, since over the years I have blogged about many other things.

Therefore, I strived to find a name which will state that this is a blog which people read to gain knowledge and insights. A blog that stimulates thinking, that facilitates the generation and exchange of ideas… a blog that “supercharges” the reader’s mind. Hence, “braincharger” was created.

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Topics I blog about:

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Contact me:

You can contact me at: info [at] braincharger [dot] net.