A little bit of weirdness

The other day, I read a social media post about a young teenager (aged 11) who visited a technology & computers museum. The post was made by the museum owner who noted that the little guy was particularly interested about the museum, knew a lot of things about the computers on display there, and about technology in general. Moreover the post mentioned that the kid knew how to write code with python and a lot of cool new technologies most of us are not familiar with. The museum owner finished with some advices give to the kid about technology and asked for comments about what other advice should be given to the young “geek”.

I couldn’t fail to notice that almost all comments written, were about how to unplug and enjoy real life and especially on how not to be a “nerd”. Although I can see the value of unplugging from digital world and I very much strongly support limits on screen time for adolescents (such limits I also impose to my own kid), I would also like to further elaborate on this notion of “nerdiness”.

What if the world needs not another “normal” guy? What if in the pursuit of progress & innovations we need people deviating from the standard way of thinking? How many breakthroughs in life have been achieved by the normal guy next door and how many from the nerdy, unpopular and weird-looking guy (accommodating sometimes a peculiar view of the world)? I would bet my money on the second group.

Conditioned for small outcomes

On many Sundays I go on a long walk (approx. 5km) in my city. Many times I get lucky and find a few coins down on the street. The value of those coins is very low to even have an incentive to spend them; just a few cents (50 cents, 20 cents and those kinds of coins).

This has led me to be conditioned to look down and search for coins many times as I walk. But this tendency prevents me from enjoying the surrounding environment; instead of looking at passing people & urban setting, I look at just a boring tarmac. Without wanting to, I miss the joy of my walk. Also, in the very rare occasion of running into a banknote, I will most likely miss that too, because it will not be sitting firm on the ground but would hover by the air above my sight.

The conclusion of this short anecdote of mine is that if you look for opportunities, don’t limit yourself to small outcomes. Be bold and go big! Do not condition yourself for anything subpar! Remember this:

If you guide your sight low in order to find a coin, finding one is the best thing it can happen to you.

A list of interesting Podcasts

An mp3 player playing a podcast.
Image by syifa5610 on Freepik

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is an audio recording in digital format ready for download or streaming over the internet. It very much resembles a program broadcasted on Radio Waves with the main difference being -of course – the medium (i.e. Internet vs Radio Waves) and that it’s pre-recorded vs. -mostly- live. Podcasts are mostly talk shows and their goal is not only to entertain but also inform & educate their audience. Hence, they explore a huge range of topics that span from Business to Politics, Technology, Science, Arts, Health and generally speaking every facet of human life. Also they vary a lot in format with some being as short as 20-30 minutes while others being on the lengthy side extending to 2-3 hours long.

One can choose to listen a Podcast on any capable computing device connected to the internet such as Smartphone, Tablet, Desktop Computer or Notebook. Another option is to use such a device to download the audio files and then transfer them to a mp3 player (but I guess this is now very old school since smartphones have almost completely replaced mp3 players, iPods and the like).

Find out more about Podcasts in wikipedia.

List of interesting Podcasts

Below I have assembled a list of interesting Podcasts I am subscribed to (in no particular order). Most of the times, I cannot catch up with all the newly released episodes. Still, I find merits in all of them and I would highly recommend them. Each link opens on PocketCast: my preferred App to listen to Podcasts.

I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do. Do you have other Podcasts that you would like to recommend to me? I would be happy to find out, please add them in the comments below.